Freedom is the right cause

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Author: Meyrav Wurmser
Date: Dec. 2003
From: The American Enterprise(Vol. 14, Issue 8)
Publisher: The American Enterprise Institute
Document Type: Article
Length: 674 words

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If one concept has guided the Bush administration since September 11, it is that the Middle East as a whole is so dangerous because abysmal tyranny prevails and freedom languishes. While undertaken partly for self-defense, the war in Iraq is thus ultimately based, more than any other struggle since World War II, on America's core values: an individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As straightforward and traditionally American as a war for freedom may seem, it is a revolutionary break from the way the Middle East has long been approached by the foreign policy establishment, especially on the Left. Most diplomats and academic experts opposed the war. They expected the Iraqi people to resent us as occupiers, not regard us as liberators. They doubt that all men share the desire to be free, or that most are capable of understanding freedom. According to this perspective, modern Arab politics are so deeply rooted in a hatred of America and everything it represents that Arabs identify...

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