High pressure study of AlP: transformation to a metallic NiAs phase

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Date: Dec. 1, 1994
From: Journal of Applied Physics(Vol. 76, Issue 11)
Publisher: American Institute of Physics, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 88 words

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Use of energy dispersive x-ray diffraction and micro-optical reflectance spectroscopy in a study of the optical reflectivity and the crystal structure of AlP in diamond anvil cells reveals that the AlP is first subjected to a first order phase transformation from zincblende to form a NiAs structure. The NiAs structure thus produced as an intermediate state has metallic reflectivity in the near-infrared region. The volume decreases because of the transformation from NiAs to AlP by 17%. Large hysteresis is exhibited by the transformation equilibrium being 9.5 giga pascals.

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