"How do you increase your income once your client base is full?"

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Date: Sept. 2007
From: IDEA Fitness Journal(Vol. 4, Issue 8)
Publisher: IDEA Health & Fitness
Document Type: Article
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Reaching a full client training schedule can be a mixed blessing for a personal trainer. It's great that you are full, but if you can't physically work any more client hours, how do you continue to boost your bottom line?

I struggled with this concept for a time. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I looked at what successful colleagues were doing, to see whether any of their strategies could fit my business. Happily I found a handful of strategies that have worked.

Strategy A. In my schedule I save room for group training classes and seminars. The group classes not only draw in new people who cannot afford personalized fitness coaching; they also can be an extra workout for my existing clientele. The monthly seminars are driven by information requests from my regulars. Besides earning me extra income, these seminars are in a sense timesavers, as I can answer everyone's questions on a popular topic in one fell swoop. As the topics have a broad appeal, I also have an opportunity to meet and educate the new people who attend.

Strategy B. This past year I added a group online training program to my schedule. It was born out of a need to reenergize a running program designed to get people ready for a local 10K fun run. The new format proved to be a huge success! Besides being able to access all the necessary training information and tools on a secure website, runners could also participate in monthly teleseminars and additional live runs when the snow melted. Clients enjoyed the convenience of everything being online, while I relished the ease of administering the program and the ability to deliver quality information from my home office. Admittedly, I did a lot of startup work on the website, but I didn't find it any more time-consuming than preparing for weekly live training sessions. Now that the groundwork is done, the program will be even easier to manage next year.

Strategy C. I created and sold informational CDs and DVDs from seminars and classes. These products are proving to be better-than-expected moneymakers. Participants registered in any seminar of mine automatically receive a CD that includes the presentation plus bonus resources. Many people also buy additional CDs as gifts for friends and family. As news of the products has spread, I have received numerous purchase requests.

Strategy D. While some fitness professionals earn extra money by selling supplements or other nutrition programs, I have chosen a different approach. As a member of the Slow Food organization, I encourage my clients to eat locally. We are fortunate in Whistler to live close to farming communities that provide quality vegetables, fruits, grains, honey, meat, wild salmon and eggs. I work with a local farm to provide a co-op opportunity for clients and others to purchase these local food products. At the beginning of each week, people place their orders for delivery at the end of the week. The farm makes extra money with this service,...

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