What's your diagnosis?: Morbidity and Mortality in a Group of Young Guinea Pigs

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From: Lab Animal(Vol. 32, Issue 9)
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
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Author(s): Debra L. Hickman, DVM, MS, DACLAM [1]; Katherine Wasson, DVM, DACLAM [2]; E. J. Ehrhart, DVM, PhD, DACVP [3]

Two 16-week-old intact female guinea pigs were presented for medical examination after the death of a third guinea pig in the group. Upon examination, one guinea pig was moribund and cyanotic with evidence of hemorrhagic diarrhea. We anesthetized this guinea pig (guinea pig #2) with pentobarbital (325 mg/4.5 kg i.p.), and then exsanguinated and necropsied it. The remaining guinea pig (guinea pig #3) was mildly depressed and passing soft, normal-color feces. Its hydration was adequate and the rest of its physical examination was unremarkable.During necropsy of guinea-pig #2, we found enlarged, rounded bone-cartilage junctions...

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