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Date: Dec. 2017
Publisher: Global Academic Society
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For globalisation, industrialisation and liberalisation every organisation tries to sustain in competitive business environment. In current scenario companies only sustain by maintaining ecofriendly environment. Natural resources are vital resource for an organisation. It is the responsibility of every organisation to implement a ecofriendly system to create a healthy environment for long term sustainability. One emerging issue Green HRM by which organisation implement policies and procedures for benefit of organisation as well as for society. Green HRM focuses on rules, regulations, recruitment, selection, induction, training, performance appraisal, counselling, safety and welfare concern of employees. Green initiative in HR practice is a corporate social responsibility itself. This paper highlights on the concept of Green HRM and the role of HRM to create green environment for sustainability of business. KEYWORDS: Green HRM, Sustainability, Ecofriendly, Corporate Social Responsibility

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