Comparison of One-Dimensional and Volumetric Computed Tomography Measurements of Injected-Water Phantoms

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Publisher: National Institute of Standards and Technology
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The goal of this study was to compare volumetric analysis in computed tomography (CT) with the length measurement prescribed by the Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) for a system with known mass and unknown shape. We injected 2 mL to 4 mL of water into vials of sodium polyacrylate and into disposable diapers. Volume measurements of the sodium polyacrylate powder were able to predict both mass and proportional changes in mass within a 95 % prediction interval of width 12 % and 16 %, respectively. The corresponding figures for RECIST were 102 % and 82 %. Key words: CT phantom; RECIST; volumetrics.

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