Post Civil War Firearm Patent Litigation Against the U.S. Government

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Date: Mar. 2019
From: The Journal Jurisprudence(Vol. 38)
Publisher: Elias Clark
Document Type: Article
Length: 6,589 words
Lexile Measure: 1560L

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The Civil War greatly influenced the growth and importance of arms-related intellectual property in the Nineteenth Century. Several legal disputes arose due to the U. S. Government's use of intellectual property to modernize its armedforces after the War. Given the subject matter of the inventions at issue, it is not surprising that many of the inventors who were ultimately opposed to the Government in legal disputes over arms-related patents after the Civil war, were also U. S. military officers then or before. This paper examines post-Civil War, Nineteenth Century firearm patent litigation against the U.S. Government, the Government's most common legal defenses against arms-related claims brought by inventors, and how the claimants reacted to those defenses.

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