The Antitumor Immunity and Tumor Responses of Chemotherapy with or without DC-CIK for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer in China: A Meta-Analysis of 28 Randomized Controlled Trials

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Objective. DC-CIK therapy included DC-CIK cells and Ag-DC-CIK cells. To further confirm whether DC-CIK reconstructs the antitumor immunity and improves the tumor responses and reveals its optimal usage and combination with chemotherapy, we systematically reevaluated all the related studies. Materials and Methods. All studies about DC-CIK plus chemotherapy for NSCLC were collected from the published and ongoing database as CBM, CNKI, VIP, Wanfang, ISI, Embase, MEDLINE, CENTRAL, WHO-ICTRP, Chi-CTR, and US clinical trials (established on June 2017). We evaluated their methodological bias risk according to the Cochrane evaluation handbook of RCTs (5.1.0), extracted data following the predesigned data extraction form, and synthesized the data using meta-analysis. Results. We included 28 RCTs (phase IV) with 2242 patients, but most trials had unclear bias risk. The SMD and 95% CI of meta-analysis for [CD3.sup.+] T cells, [CD3.sup.+] [CD4.sup.+] T cells, [CD3.sup.+] [CD8.sup.+] T cells, [CD4.sup.+]/ [CD8.sup.+] T cell ratio, CIK cells, NK cells, and Treg cells were as follows: 1.85 (1.39 to 2.31), 0.87 (0.65 to 1.10), 1.04 (0.58 to 1.50), 0.75 (0.27 to 1.22), 3.87 (2.48 to 5.25), 1.51 (0.99 to 2.03), and - 2.31(-3.84 to -0.79). The RR and 95% CI of metaanalysis for ORR and DCR were as follows: 1.38 (1.24 to 1.54) and 1.27 (1.20 to 1.34). All differences were statistically significant between DC-CIK plus chemotherapy and chemotherapy alone. Subgroup analysis showed that only DC-CIK cells could increase the [CD3.sup.+]T cells, [CD3.sup.+] [CD4.sup.+]T cells, [CD3.sup.+] [CD8.sup.+]T cells, and [CD4.sup.+]/[CD8.sup.+] T cell ratio. In treatment with one cycle or two cycles and combination with NP or GP, DC-CIK could increase the [CD4.sup.+]/[CD8.sup.+] T cell ratio. All results had good stability. Conclusions. DC-CIK therapy can simultaneously improve the antitumor immunity and tumor responses. DC-CIK therapy, especially DC-CIK cells, can improve antitumor immunity through increasing the T lymphocyte subsets, CIK cell, and NK cells in peripheral blood. The one cycle to two cycles may be optimal cycle, and the NP or GP may be optimal combination.

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