The Equipment Used in the SF6 Technique to Estimate Methane Emissions Has No Major Effect on Dairy Cow Behavior.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Fabiellen Cristina Pereira, Dayane Lemos Teixeira, Laura Ann Boyle, Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado Filho, Shaun Richard Owen Williams, Daniel Enriquez-Hidalgo

The natural behavior of animals can be disrupted by the techniques and materials of research methodologies. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the equipment used in the SF<sub>6</sub> tracer technique to estimate enteric methane emissions on the behavior of lactating dairy cows. The cows (<italic>n</italic> = 24) were allocated to one of two diets: CONTROL and experimental diet (MIX). Behavior was assessed through video recordings between milking times during four phases: 3 days before fitting the cows with the SF<sub>6</sub> equipment (PRE), first...

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