Retrieval and analysis of land surface temperature in permafrost regions in Northeast China based on AMSR2 data.

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Date: Sept. 2021
From: Earth Science Informatics(Vol. 14, Issue 3)
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report; Brief article
Length: 224 words

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Keywords: Land surface temperature; AMSR2; Downscaling; Frozen ground; Northeast China Abstract The land surface temperature (LST) in permafrost regions in the Northeast permafrost on March 22 (spring), June 24 (summer), September 21 (autumn), and December 24 (winter) in 2019 were retrieved based on the AMSR2 brightness temperature data. An in-depth analysis of the temperature retrieval accuracy between different types of frozen ground, vegetation cover, and during the four seasons of the day or night was conducted. The results show that: (1) The retrieval accuracy of the four seasons lowers in the seasonal order of summer autumn spring winter, and the accuracy of data at the night was better than that of the day (2) The retrieval accuracy of different vegetation cover types lowers in the order of grassland agricultural land forest land, and (3) The retrieval accuracy of different frozen ground types lowers in the order of the zone of seasonal frost zone of isolated patches of thawing permafrost zone of island permafrost zone continuous permafrost zone. Author Affiliation: (1) College of Geographical Science, Harbin Normal University, 150025, Harbin, China (2) Heilongjiang Province Key Laboratory of Geographical Environment Monitoring and Spatial Information Service in Cold Regions, 150025, Harbin, China (b) Article History: Registration Date: 06/28/2021 Received Date: 04/22/2021 Accepted Date: 06/26/2021 Online Date: 07/22/2021 Byline:

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