Private fitness centres in France: from organisational and market characteristics to micromentalities of the managers

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Date: Feb. 20, 2009
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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Byline: Sarah Mischler, Pascal Bauger, Lilian Pichot, Elodie Wipf From a quantitative survey carried out in the fitness sector at a European scale, and supplemented by a qualitative complementary study in Alsace, this article highlights the link between fitness services and managers' profiles. It gives socioeconomical characteristics of fitness provision in the commercial private sector in France. It specifically highlights that the context of fitness clubs (types of services proposed, competences of the employees, etc.) is constrained by the market and is tightly linked to the owner's/managers' professional and sporting background, and also to their own identity. Based on a sample of fitness companies from Alsace, this article will aim to elaborate a 'profiles typology' of the fitness clubs' managers/owners. It will highlight in particular that the range of services can be explained by the logic behind actions and specific marketing strategies related to their micromentalities.

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