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Date: Dec. 2017
Publisher: Global Academic Society
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Green Marketing a major breakthrough in the vast field of marketing has become one of the growing areas and is inviting a lot of attention towards it. In India Green Revolution started as a new revolution in late 1990's. Consumer Preferences and their buying behavior are changing and so is their concern for the society. Green lifestyle has become a new way and has been accepted as a trending attitude of the consumers. Most of the national and multinational organizations are becoming more concerned about their roles in improving the quality of the environment and our surroundings. Our traditional marketing system has evolved over the time to a more sustainable way of marketing that is ecological in nature and is here to stay. This change in the marketing system and the change in the preferences of the consumers is rightly observed by the organizations who are changing themselves radically in order to cater to the demands of the dynamic market. Each player in the market is trying their best to create a niche for themselves and to stand out in the crowd and in order to sustain and make profits in the long term without negatively impacting the environment in this competitive era. The aim of this paper is to understand the change in the attitudes of the consumers and companies and to find out the various changes that has been adopted by the consumers as well as the organizations with respect to green marketing KEYWORDS: Green Marketing, Green Product, Consumer Preferences, Competitive Advantage, Green Price

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