Branching morphogenesis of the urinary collecting system in the human embryonic metanephros

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 13, Issue 9)
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An elaborate system of ducts collects urine from all nephrons, and this structure is known as the urinary collecting system (UCS). This study focused on how the UCS is formed during human embryogenesis. Fifty human embryos between the Carnegie stage (CS) 14 and CS23 were selected from the Kyoto Collection at the Congenital Anomaly Research Center of Kyoto University, Japan. Metanephroses, including the UCS, were segmented on serial digital virtual histological sections. Three-dimensional images were computationally reconstructed for morphological and quantitative analyses. A CS timeline was plotted. It consisted of the 3-D structural morphogenesis of UCS and quantification of the total amount of end-branching, average and maximum numbers of generations, deviation in the metanephros, differentiation of the urothelial epithelium in the renal pelvis, and timing of the rapid expansion of the renal pelvis. The first UCS branching generation occurred by CS16. The average branching generation reached a maximum of 8.74 ± 1.60 and was already the twelfth in CS23. The total end-branching number squared between the start and the end of the embryonic period. UCS would reach the fifteenth branching generation soon after CS23. The number of nephrons per UCS end-branch was low (0.21 ± 0.14 at CS19, 1.34 ± 0.49 at CS23), indicating that the bifid branching occurred rapidly and that the formation of nephrons followed after. The renal pelvis expanded mainly in CS23, which was earlier than that reported in a previous study. The number of nephrons connected to the UCS in the expanded group (246.0 ± 13.2) was significantly larger than that of the pre-expanded group (130.8 ± 80.1) (P

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