Initial validation of the Italian version of the Volition in Exercise Questionnaire (VEQ-I).

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 4)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
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The purpose of this study was to validate the Volition in Exercise Questionnaire in Italian language (VEQ-I). The translation and cultural adaptation of the VEQ-I was conducted using the forward-backward translation method. VEQ-I eighteen items correspond to the six-factors structure of the original version. The construct validity was verified by the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) (CFI = 0.960; TLI = 0.943; RMSEA = 0.039; and SRMR = 0.040). The eighteen items were well distributed in six subscales and the six-factors structure of the questionnaire was supported. Internal Consistency value of the questionnaire was investigated for each subscale of the VEQ-I. Cronbach's alpha and Omega values of the Reasons, Postponing Training, Unrelated Thoughts, Self-Confidence, Approval from Others and Coping with Failure subscales were 0.76 ([alpha]) and 0.76 ([omega]), 0.76 ([alpha]) and 0.76 ([omega]), 0.87 ([alpha]) and 0.88 ([omega]), 0.85 ([alpha]) and 0.85 ([omega]), 0.70 ([alpha]) and 0.72 ([omega]) and 0.74 ([alpha]) and 0.74 ([omega]), respectively. They were acceptable in all the six subscales. The concurrent validity was assessed using the correlation among the subscales of VEQ-I measures and those contained in two questionnaires: Psychobiosocial States in Physical Education (PBS-SPE) and Exercise Motivations Inventory (EMI-2).

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