COVID-19 and the (In) visibility of Gender in Media: Explorations from a Jordanian Perspective.

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Date: Mar. 2022
Publisher: Bridgewater State College
Document Type: Report
Length: 5,679 words
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Jordanian women have made significant contributions, and they continue to break down barriers, as the number of women in universities exceeds the number of men, and their numbers have increased in administrative positions, parliament, and the judiciary (World Economic forum 2018). However, despite their notable progress in various sectors, Jordanian media still fail to shed light on these contributions. This marginalization was particularly evident in Jordan's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, where media coverage focused mainly on male officials, branding them "True men in times of crisis" and failing to shed light on women's significant role in the frontlines of defense against the deadly virus. Drawing on data extracted from Twitter accounts of key Jordanian male and female figures and a close analysis of top television programs during the health crisis, this paper explores social media coverage on Jordanian male and female officials and official media interest in women as guests on popular television programs at the height of the Coronavirus outbreak in Jordan from March until July 2020. Findings reveal gendered bias in media coverage during this health crisis and that women resort to social media as alternative platforms for action. Keywords: Women, Jordan, Media coverage, Global, Pandemic, Public discourse

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