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Date: May 2002
From: Student BMJ
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.
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Sahaya Josephine takes you through the paper and discusses its implications

Why was it done?

Concerned with the wider issues, the authors studied the overall standards of freely available health information on the internet. They went about this by assessing the quality of information on the internet relating to a specific and very common medical problem.

How was it done?

This is a follow up to a survey done by the same authors a few years ago looking at the reliability of health information on the internet for managing fever in children at home. The follow up study presented in the paper is in two parts. The first part of the study compares the contents of specific web pages at two points in time; the second part looks at the number of new sources of information on the same topic that were available.

The authors used a set of published guidelines for parents to manage fever at home and the same scoring system as the original study. Whether the scoring system used is a standard method, however, is not known. It is useful to...

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