Is the time fight for FOIA amendments?

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Author: Robert Gellman
Date: Feb. 5, 2007
From: Government Computer News(Vol. 26, Issue 3)
Publisher: 1105 Media, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 626 words
Lexile Measure: 1120L

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Now that members of Congress who favor the Freedom of Information Act control the agenda, what should they do? That's a harder question than it seems. Let's take a strategic view.

Whatever bill Congress might pass must be signed into law by President Bush or enacted over his veto. The 1974 FOIA amendments were vetoed by the late President Gerald Ford. However, Ford's political support following his pardon of President Nixon was paper thin, and Congress managed to override the veto.

Can a Democratic Congress today beat a presidential veto of an updated FOIA bill? Maybe, but the odds aren't good. There may be enough Republican support to sustain a Bush veto, especially if the bill strays far from the middle of the road. On the other hand, it isn't unrealistic to guess that in a year, Bush's political support may be even farther below sea level. If so, then the Ford precedent suggests that winning...

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