Why this war?

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Date: January-February 2003
Publisher: Essential Information, Inc.
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One thing is clear about the Bush administration's current rush to war: It has nothing to do with protecting U.S. security.

There is no evidence nor reason to believe that Iraq possesses nuclear weapons, no evidence that it has the means or desire to launch a chemical or biological attack on the United States. The Iraqi military is among the weakest in the Middle East. The administration's claims about an Iraqi tie to al-Qaeda are laughable. And the CIA says that Iraq does not pose a terrorist threat to the United States -- although it might, the CIA warns, if the United States launches an attack.

What is much less clear is the actual reason for war, especially because it poses real risks to U.S. corporate and geopolitical interests.

There are material interests served by war and the run-up to war, of course.

Big Oil: It should go without saying that the Bush administration, like administrations before it, obsesses about the Persian Gulf because it sits atop the world's largest oil reserves. In "Oil, Security, War," Steve Kretzmann reviews the unique oil assets of the Persian Gulf. Central to his argument about the U.S. industry interest in Iraq is its potential role as a counterbalance to Saudi Arabia, which possesses the world's largest...

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