Influence of biochars on flux of [N.sub.2]O and C[O.sub.2] from Ferrosol

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Date: September-November 2010
From: Australian Journal of Soil Research(Vol. 48, Issue 6-7)
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Document Type: Article
Length: 7,374 words
Lexile Measure: 1320L

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Biochars produced by slow pyrolysis of greenwaste (GW), poultry litter (PL), papermill waste (PS), and biosolids (BS) were shown to reduce [N.sub.2]O emissions from an acidic Ferrosol. Similar reductions were observed for the untreated GW feedstock. Soil was amended with biochar or feedstock giving application rates of 1 and 5%. Following an initial incubation, nitrogen (N) was added at 165 kg/ha as urea. Microcosms were again incubated before being brought to 100% water-filled porosity and held at this water content for a further 47 days. The flooding phase accounted for the majority ( Additional keywords: nitrous oxide, soil properties, biochar, greenwaste, poultry litter, biosolids, papermill, slow pyrolysis, mechanism.

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