Distinguishing between amateur sport participants and spectators: the List of Values approach

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Date: Apr. 7, 2010
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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Byline: Lada Helen V. Kurpis, Carl S. Bozman, Lynn R. Kahle This study uses the List of Values (LOV) (Kahle, 1983) approach to investigate the differences in social values of amateur basketball tournament participants and spectators. The data from the survey of tournament attendees (N = 399) were utilised to demonstrate that social values can be used to predict the likelihood of a person becoming either a participant or a spectator in an amateur sport tournament. The value orientations are discussed in the context of demographic differences between the two groups. The sense of accomplishment and excitement values were positively related to tournament participation. In contrast, the warm relationship with others and security values were positively related to tournament spectatorship. Practical implications of these findings for marketing and management of amateur sport tournaments are discussed.

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