The nine nations of North America and the value basis of geographic segmentation

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Author: Lynn R. Kahle
Date: Apr. 1986
From: Journal of Marketing(Vol. 50, Issue 2)
Publisher: American Marketing Association
Document Type: Article
Length: 96 words

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The 'nine nations of North America', namely: New England, Quebec, 'The Foundry' (Detroit), Dixie (the South), 'The Islands' (Miami), 'The Empty Quarter' (Rocky Mountains area), 'The Breadbasket' (Kansas City), 'Mex America' (Los Angeles) and 'Ecotopia' (the Pacific Northwest) are viewed on a value basis. This geographic segmentation is then further broken down into explanations of each of the nine individual areas and their values, and placed into tables that illustrate the point that the research gathered, that the 'nine nation' method is not necessarily a better classification system than the regions defined by the Census Bureau.

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