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Author: Mike Rhodes
Date: June 2019
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Co.
Document Type: Article
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Wearable camera improves oil and gas industry safety

Librestream and ecom, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, have collaborated on an innovation for asset analysis and safety inspections in hazardous locations: the Onsight Cube-Ex wearable camera (FIG. 1). The companies worked together to design, build and certify the inspection tool for oil and gas workers in Ex-rated environments.

Using the Cube-Ex, workers on an oil rig, in a process facility or beside an aircraft can safely inspect processes and analyze complex assets. By pairing the Cube-Ex with the intrinsically safe ecom 4G/LTE smartphone Smart-Ex or tablet Tab-Ex, workers can remotely control the camera, view HD video and thermal imaging, or capture and annotate pictures or recordings from a safe distance.

The versatile design of the Cube-Ex allows workers to wear it securely on a hardhat for hands-free inspections, attach to a monopod for hard-to-reach locations, or mount to equipment to view from afar.

The partnership also includes a distribution agreement for ecom to offer the product under the brand ecom Ex-Camera Cube 800. Highlights of the Cube-Ex include HD digital and thermal imaging cameras, including Fusion blended mode; flexible design enabling handheld, head-worn, mounted and mono-pod use; remote control of the Cube-Ex camera functions through paired ecom mobile devices; built-in illumination for high-quality visuals in low light environments; annotation of pictures or recordings using shapes, text overlay and spot temperature; rugged design with Zone 1 and Class 1, Div. 1 Ex-certified models (certifications pending); optional cloud content storage, remote expert collaboration and digital work instruction capabilities available through the Onsight augmented reality platform.

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Control solution for industrial multi-burner applications

Honeywell has introduced the next-generation Kromschroder[R] BCU 4 Series, an all-in-one control solution for multi-burner applications (FIG. 2). Replacing an earlier product line, the BCU 4 Series 460, 465 and 480 models incorporate a range of refinements and new features designed for simplified engineering, installation and startup. They also provide various options to increase the utility and effectiveness of the control solution, including a space-efficient design that allows the unit to be mounted close to a burner rather than in a separate cabinet, enabling better system integration.

The BCU 4 Series offers industrial designers, engineers, operators and service technicians a multi-functional, modular control solution. It is designed for directly ignited or pilot/main burners of...

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