DME market outlook impacted by clean fuels demand, diesel emissions

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Author: P. Singh
Date: June 2019
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Co.
Document Type: Article
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As environmental concerns emerging from the incessant consumption of fuels have gripped the attention of global leaders, energy producers have been developing cleaner fuel alternatives for use in domestic and commercial settings. The bio-based and synthetic dimethyl ether (DME) industry has expanded into numerous applications in this regard, in addition to the compound's conventional deployment as aerosol propellants in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and paint and coatings products. Recently, initiatives undertaken by governments and industry players have resulted in the expansion of research and development activities, aimed primarily at utilizing DME in automobiles and energy production.

Growing populations in developing countries and the increasing use of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic purposes in the Middle East will offer considerable growth opportunities from LPG blending applications for DME producers. The industry will also leverage the global surge in biomass production and availability of natural gas, which are the raw materials for obtaining DME that is highly efficient and has lower carbon emissions than standard fuels. A report released by Global Market Insights Inc. estimates that the DME market will surpass $14.4 B in value by 2025.

Growth prospects for DME. Forecasts for DME growth in different market segments are detailed in the following sections....

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