The ecology of practice: studies of food-crop production in sub-Saharan West Africa

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Author: Paul Sillitoe
Date: Sept. 9, 1999
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Document Type: Book review
Length: 801 words

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NYERGES, A. ENDRE. (Fd Nutr. Hist. Anthrop. 12). xii, 259 pp., illus., maps, tables, bibliogr. Amsterdam: Gordon & Breach, 1998. [pounds]34.00 (cloth), [pounds]18.00 (paper)

This collection comes from one of the myriad sub-clan workshops that characterize the frenetic annual tribal gathering of the American Anthropological Association. The session, held at the 1991 gathering under the auspices of the 'Culture and Agriculture Task Force on African Hunger, Famine and Food Security', was entitled 'The ecology and economics of food crop production in Sub-Saharan West Africa'. Six of the participants agreed to contribute to a volume, and the result is this welcome addition to the literature on the ecology of African agriculture, local knowledge of natural resources and their management.

The volume's intended contribution to human ecology, as outlined by the editor in the introduction, is to put the study of the environmental consequences of small farmers' activities within the process paradigm. The theme integrating the papers is the way in which social relations and individual agency, power relations and continuous negotiations, inform people's responses to and impacts on their natural environments. The tight regional focus also contributes significantly to the book's intellectual cohesion. The focus on 'practice theory' and the idea...

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