Animals the ancestors hunted: an account of the wild mammals of the Kalam area, Papua New Guinea

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Author: Paul Sillitoe
Date: Nov. 2007
From: Oceania(Vol. 77, Issue 3)
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Limited, a company of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Document Type: Book review
Length: 991 words
Lexile Measure: 1700L

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Animals the ancestors hunted: an account of the wild mammals of the Kalam area, Papua New Guinea. By Ian Saem Majnep and Ralph Bulmer (edited by Robin Hide and Andrew Pawley). Adelaide: Crawford House Publishing Australia. 2007. Pp: xlix + 452 Price: $59.95.

Readers familiar with Ian Saem Majnep's and Ralph Bulmer's Birds of my Kalam country will be delighted at the appearance of Animals the ancestors hunted. Some of them may have on their bookshelves, like me, dog-earred copies of a series of Auckland University Working Papers in Anthropology, Archaeology. Linguisitics and Maori Studies called 'Kalam Hunting Traditions', which marks the genesis of this book, and will be pleased to see the 'full monty'. Two decades have passed since the appearance of the Birds book, Ralph Bulmer's sad death in 1988 delaying the Animals volume, and we owe a large vote of thanks to Majnep's and Bulmer's staunch colleagues Robin Hide and Andrew Pawley for taking on the task of bringing it to publication. If Ralph was still with us, I am sure that he would be overcome at his colleagues' dedication and the care that they have taken to produce a book that is a worthy companion to the Birds volume.

The book is based on a series of accounts, which comprise the core of the Working Papers, dictated and transcribed by Majnep in the Kalam language and Pidgin lingua franca on the ecology and behaviour, hunting and local lore relating to different animals found...

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