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Author: Charles Taylor
Date: Mar. 2021
From: Strategic Finance(Vol. 102, Issue 9)
Publisher: Institute of Management Accountants
Document Type: Article
Length: 530 words
Lexile Measure: 1310L

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Being a part of the IMA[R] community and earning the CMA[R] (Certified Management Accountant) certification have been among the best decisions of my career. I joined IMA in 2016 after working for several years as an accountant at an international manufacturing company. One of my college professors held the CMA designation and always spoke highly of it. Although I enjoyed my job and role within the company, I'd always wanted to go above and beyond and explore the CMA myself.

After researching the certification more closely and attending a few chapter meetings in Portland, Ore., I confirmed that the CMA was exactly what I was looking for. It was perfectly relevant to my job--especially in areas such as budgeting and performance management--and would bring me added credibility and expertise. My employer thoroughly...

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