Dynamic Responses of a Twin-Tunnel Subjected to Moving Loads in a Saturated Half-Space.

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Date: Annual 2018
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Document Type: Article
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With the fast development of rail transit, the environmental vibration problems caused by subways have received increasing attention. A 3D finite element model was built in this study to investigate the ground vibrations induced by the moving load operating in the parallel twin tunnels. Compared to the model consisting of a single tunnel that was commonly adopted in the past studies, a pair of tunnels is considered and the surrounding medium of the tunnels is taken as a saturated porous medium. The governing equations of the 3D finite element method modeling of the saturated poroelastic soil have been derived according to Biot's theory. Computed results showed that the dynamic response of the twin-tunnel model is greater than that of the single tunnel model. And the spacing between two tunnels, tunnel buried depth, and load moving speed are the essential parameters to determine the dynamic response of the tunnel and soil.

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