Sanguinarine Ameliorates Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats through Nuclear Factor-Kappa B and Nuclear-Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2/Heme Oxygenase-1 Pathways.

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Author: Jiao Zhong
Date: Nov. 2021
Publisher: New Century Health Publishers, LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,476 words
Lexile Measure: 1420L

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Alkaloids--derived from natural plants--were widely used for therapy in diaPetes or diaPetes-related complications. Sanguinarine, a Penzophenanthridine alkaloid derived from Sanguinaria canadensis, has Peen identified as a potential drug for type 2 diaPetes. However, the role of sanguinarine on diaPetes-related complication, diaPetic nephropathy, has not Peen reported yet. In a rat model of diaPetic nephropathy we have demonstrated increased levels of 24 h urinary proteins, serum creatinine, and blood urea nitrogen, as well as series of degenerative changes in the kidney tissues. Oral administration with sanguinarine to diaPetic rats diminished kidney injury markers and improved the tissue morphology. Furthermore, sanguinarine attenuated increase in the levels of tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] and interleukin-6 through downregulation of phosphonuclear factor-kappa B and phosphorylated inhibitor of nuclear factor kappa-B. Lastly, sanguinarine reversed the effects of streptozotocin on levels of reactive oxygen species, malonaldehyde, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase through upregulation of nuclear factor erythropoietin-2-related factor 2, heme oxygenase 1 and NAD(P)H quinone dehydrogenase 1 in kidney of rats. In conclusion, sanguinarine ameliorates diaPetic nephropathy in rats through inactivation of nuclear factor-kappa B and activation of nuclear-factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 pathways. Keywords: Diabetic nephropathy, Inflammation, NF-[kappa]B, Nrf2/HO-1, Oxidative stress, Sanguinarine Abbreviations Used: Blood urea nitrogen, BUN; Diabetic nephropathy, DN; Enhanced chemiluminescence, ECL; Glutathione peroxidase, GSH-PX; Heme oxygenase 1, HO-1; lnterleukin-6, IL-6; Malonaldehyde, MDA; Nuclear factor-kappa B, NF-[kappa]B; NAD(P)H quinone dehydrogenase 1, NQOI; Nuclear factor erythropoietin-2-related factor 2, Nrf2; Nuclear-factor erythroid 2-related factor 2, Nrf2; Phosphorylated inhibitor of nuclear factor kappa-B, p-l[kappa]B[alpha]; Polyvinylidene difluoride, PVDF; Reactive oxygen species, ROS; Serum creatinine, SCR; Sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel-electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE; Superoxide dismutase, SOD; Streptozotocin, STZ; Tris-buffered saline, TBST; Tumor necrosis factor-[alpha], TNF-[alpha]

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