Food Web Functions and Interactions During Spring and Summer in the Arctic Water Inflow Region: Investigated Through Inverse Modeling.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Kalle Olli, Elisabeth Halvorsen, Maria Vernet, Peter J. Lavrentyev, Gayantonia Franzè, Marina Sanz-Martin, Maria Lund Paulsen, Marit Reigstad

We used inverse modelling to reconstruct major planktonic food web carbon flows in the Atlantic Water inflow, east and north of Svalbard during spring (18-25 May) and summer (9-13 August), 2014. The model was based on three intensively sampled stations during both periods, corresponding to early, peak, and decline phases of a Phaeocystis and diatom dominated bloom (May), and flagellates dominated post bloom stages (August). The food web carbon flows were driven by primary production (290 to 2850 mg C m-2...

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