A deep learning approach for staging embryonic tissue isolates with small data.

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 1)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Document Type: Report
Length: 8,447 words
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Machine learning approaches are becoming increasingly widespread and are now present in most areas of research. Their recent surge can be explained in part due to our ability to generate and store enormous amounts of data with which to train these models. The requirement for large training sets is also responsible for limiting further potential applications of machine learning, particularly in fields where data tend to be scarce such as developmental biology. However, recent research seems to indicate that machine learning and Big Data can sometimes be decoupled to train models with modest amounts of data. In this work we set out to train a CNN-based classifier to stage zebrafish tail buds at four different stages of development using small information-rich data sets. Our results show that two and three dimensional convolutional neural networks can be trained to stage developing zebrafish tail buds based on both morphological and gene expression confocal microscopy images, achieving in each case up to 100% test accuracy scores. Importantly, we show that high accuracy can be achieved with data set sizes of under 100 images, much smaller than the typical training set size for a convolutional neural net. Furthermore, our classifier shows that it is possible to stage isolated embryonic structures without the need to refer to classic developmental landmarks in the whole embryo, which will be particularly useful to stage 3D culture in vitro systems such as organoids. We hope that this work will provide a proof of principle that will help dispel the myth that large data set sizes are always required to train CNNs, and encourage researchers in fields where data are scarce to also apply ML approaches.

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