Antimicrobial Use Surveillance Indicators for Finfish Aquaculture Production: A Review.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Jacob A. Narbonne, Brian R. Radke, Derek Price, Patrick C. Hanington, Amreen Babujee, Simon J. G. Otto

Quantification and tracking of antimicrobial use (AMU) are key factors for the development of responsible antimicrobial stewardship programs and comparison between countries. Global finfish aquaculture growth and increased AMU creates the potential for exchange of antimicrobial resistance between aquatic and terrestrial environments, making AMU surveillance imperative for this industry. The objective of this review is to collate current literature on AMU surveillance indicators and their application to commercial finfish aquaculture production. A systematic search strategy was applied to five databases: Medline, Embase,...

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