Quantifying Scales of Spatial Variability of Cyanobacteria in a Large, Eutrophic Lake Using Multiplatform Remote Sensing Tools.

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Author(s): Samantha L. Sharp, Alexander L. Forrest, Keith Bouma-Gregson, Yufang Jin, Alicia Cortés, S. Geoffrey Schladow

Harmful algal blooms of cyanobacteria are increasing in magnitude and frequency globally, degrading inland and coastal aquatic ecosystems and adversely affecting public health. Efforts to understand the structure and natural variability of these blooms range from point sampling methods to a wide array of remote sensing tools. This study aims to provide a comprehensive view of cyanobacterial blooms in Clear Lake, California - a shallow, polymictic, naturally eutrophic lake with a long record of episodic cyanobacteria blooms. To understand the spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics...

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