A phase separation inlet for droplets, ice residuals, and interstitial aerosol particles.

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From: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques(Vol. 15, Issue 10)
Publisher: Copernicus GmbH
Document Type: Brief article
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A new inlet for studying the aerosol particles and hydrometeor residuals that compose mixed-phase clouds - the phaSe seParation Inlet for Droplets icE residuals and inteRstitial aerosol particles (SPIDER) - is described here. SPIDER combines a large pumped counterflow virtual impactor (L-PCVI), a flow tube evaporation chamber, and a pumped counterflow virtual impactor (PCVI) to separate droplets, ice crystals (â¼3-25 µm), and interstitial aerosol particles for simultaneous sampling. Laboratory verification tests of each individual component and the composite SPIDER system were conducted. Transmission efficiency, evaporation, and ice crystals' survival were determined to show the capability of the system. The experiments show the SPIDER system can separate distinct cloud elements and interstitial aerosol particles for subsequent analysis. As a field instrument, SPIDER will help explore the properties of different cloud elements and interstitial aerosol particles in mixed-phase clouds.

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