Gallo reports mystery break-in

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Date: Oct. 26, 1990
From: Science(Vol. 250, Issue 4980)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Article
Length: 464 words

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On the evening of Saturday, 11 August, sometime after 6:50 but before 11:00, an intruder reportedly broke into the unoccupied Bethesda home of AIDS researcher Robert C. Gallo. The break-in occurred while Gallo was at a long-planned Chinese dinner on the first night of his lab's annual international meeting. When the visitation was over, the Gallo family jewelry, silverware, and VCR were in their familiar places, untouched. What had been ransacked were the contents of all four desks in the house and boxes in a bedroom closet.

Two and a half months later, Montgomery County policy are still looking for the person who broke into the Gallo home. But they're not looking for an ordinary burglar,...

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