ChemInform Abstract: Imidazolium-Functionalized [beta]-Cyclodextrin as a Highly Recyclable Multifunctional Ligand in Water

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Date: Nov. 25, 2014
From: ChemInform(Vol. 45, Issue 47)
Publisher: Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.
Document Type: Report
Length: 45 words

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Byline: Vanessa Kairouz(1), Andreea R. Schmitzer(1) Keywords: polyphenyl derivatives; C-C bond formation; catalysis, phase-transfer catalysis Abstract The synthesis and catalytic properties of a novel dodecyl-imidazolium modified [beta]-cyclodextrin (DIC) in the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling are reported. Author Affiliation: (1)Dep. Chem., Univ. Montreal, Montreal, Que. H3C 3J7, Can.

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