Does sector-specific experience matter? The case of European higher education ministers

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Date: June 2016
From: Research Policy(Vol. 45, Issue 5)
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Document Type: Article
Length: 124 words

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To link to full-text access for this article, visit this link: Byline: Julien Jacqmin, Mathieu Lefebvre Abstract: * Higher education ministers with academic experience have better performance. * This characteristic has no impact on the spending of the sector. * Academic experience makes them more prone to introduce adequate reforms that makes the sector more attractive for top-researchers. * This result is driven by ministers with both sector-specific and electoral experience. Author Affiliation: (a) HEC Management School, University of Liege, B. 31 Place des Orateurs 3, 4000 Liege, Belgium (b) BETA, University of Strasbourg, 61 avenue de la Foret Noire, 67085 Strasbourg, France (c) CREPP, University of Liege, Belgium Article History: Received 25 June 2015; Revised 8 October 2015; Accepted 26 January 2016

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