Modeling and Identification of Podded Propulsion Unmanned Surface Vehicle and Its Course Control Research

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Date: Annual 2017
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
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The response model of podded propulsion unmanned surface vehicle (USV) is established and identified; then considering the USV has characteristic of high speed, the course controller with fast convergence speed is proposed. The idea of MMG separate modeling is used to establish three-DOF planar motion model of the podded propulsion USV, and then the model is simplified as a response model. Then based on field experiments, the parameters of the response model are obtained by the method of system identification. Unlike ordinary ships, USV has the advantages of fast speed and small size, so the controller needs fast convergence speed and strong robustness. Based on the theory of multimode control, a fast nonsingular terminal sliding mode (FNTSM) course controller is proposed. In order to reduce the chattering of system, disturbance observer is used to compensate the disturbance to reduce the control gain and RBF neural network is applied to approximate the symbolic function. At the same time, fuzzy algorithm is employed to realize the mode soft switching, which avoids the unnecessary chattering when the mode is switched. Finally the rapidity and robustness of the proposed control approach are demonstrated by simulations and comparison studies.

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