Contributions of Healthcare 4.0 digital applications to the resilience of healthcare organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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From: Technovation(Vol. 111)
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers
Document Type: Report; Brief article
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Keywords Resilience; Healthcare 4.0; Information and communications technologies; Supply chain; COVID-19 Highlights * H4.0 digital applications reinforce healthcare resilience during the pandemic. * Four digital application focus and four resilience abilities. * Applications oriented to supply chain and patient diagnosis are pervasive across all resilient abilities; and. * Four research propositions formulated for theory-testing in future studies. Abstract In this paper, we examine the contributions of digital applications to the resilience of healthcare organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak. The studied applications are framed as Healthcare 4.0 (H4.0), comprising bundles of information and communication technologies used to improve operations in the health value chain. Data collection was carried out through semi-structured interviews with 10 senior managers from clinician and non-clinician departments of two large-sized Brazilian hospitals treating patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. Interviews were analyzed through content analysis, using data analysis categories related to the application focus (i.e., supply chain, patient diagnosis, patient treatment, and patient follow-up) and targeted resilience ability (i.e., monitor, anticipate, respond, and learn). Results indicate that applications oriented to supply chain and patient diagnosis contribute to all resilience abilities. Furthermore, depending on the resilience ability to be improved, different applications may be prioritized. Four research propositions for theory-testing in future studies are also presented. Author Affiliation: (a) The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia (b) IAE Business School, Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina (c) Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil (d) Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil (e) Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos, Sao Leopoldo, Brazil (f) University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK * Corresponding author. The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. Article History: Received 1 April 2021; Revised 19 July 2021; Accepted 22 August 2021 Byline: Guilherme L. Tortorella [] (a,b,c,*), Flavio S. Fogliatto [] (d), Tarcísio A. Saurin [] (d), Leandro M. Tonetto [] (e), Duncan McFarlane [] (f)

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