Sam Houston: A Study in Leadership

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Author: Katherine Strus
Date: Summer 2018
From: Air & Space Power Journal(Vol. 32, Issue 2)
Publisher: Air University Press
Document Type: Book review
Length: 905 words
Lexile Measure: 1320L

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Sam Houston: A Study in Leadership by Bill O'Neal. Eakin Press, An Imprint of Wild Horse Media Group, (, P. O. Box 331779, Fort Worth, Texas 76163, 2016, 270 pages, $19.95 (softcover), ISBN-13: 978-1-68179-037-4.

"Remember the Alamo" was a phrase I heard when studying and taking field trips to the Alamo. A few decades later, a sense of pride overwhelms me when pondering how in "October 1835 ... Gen Santa Anna and an invading army were bombarding the Alamo" (p. 99). During the same month 181 years later, I humbly led my 700th US national anthem in front of this historic mission for the Team Red, White, and Blue "Old Glory Relay."

The description of the gallant defense, defeat, and rallying cry of Gen Sam Houston resulted in Texans declaring independence on 2 March 1836, and the defeat of Santa Anna less than two months later. Today's global conflicts may overshadow these and other events in our nation's history; however, the leadership lessons and behaviors mentioned in the biography Sam Houston: A Study in Leadership remain relevant for today's and future leaders.

Mr. O'Neal, the state historian of Texas, is a prolific and eloquent storyteller. Dedicated to his art, he documented General Houston's journey in a literary and pictorial format that included inserting his photographs in the book. An in-depth scholar, Mr. O'Neal provides a robust...

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