Effects of incorporating oasis by-products on fattening performance and carcass characteristics of Ouled Djellal lamb

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From: Veterinary World(Vol. 11, Issue 10)
Publisher: Veterinary World
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Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the effects of incorporating three local oasis by-products [cull dates (CDs), date pedicels (DPs) treated with urea, and juice from rumen content] into the food ration of Ouled Djellal lambs on fattening performance and carcass characteristics. Materials and Methods: The experiment was carried out over 105 days, with an adaptation period of 15 days, on four groups each consisting of 10 male Ouled Djellal lambs aged 7-8 months with an average live body weight of 32 [+ or -] 1.5 kg, randomly distributed, and raised in tie stalls. The basic rations were formulated at a rate of 0% (control), 50%, 80%, and 100% substitution of barley straw by DPs treated with urea. The additional rations intended for the experimental groups consisted of 100% substitution of corn by CDs. Before distributed, they were sprayed with rumen content extract (RCE) at a rate of 250 ml/kg. Results: The 100% group displayed a highly significant difference compared to the other groups, with a live body weight of 43 kg (p Conclusion: The use of by-products of the date palm (CDs and pedicels) combined with RCE in animal feed with a view to fattening sheep, in particular in oasis zones, represents an alternative in enhancing growth performances and carcass characteristics and offers a relatively cheap prospect for the availability of red meat for populations with low purchasing power. Keywords: cull dates, date pedicels, extract of rumen content, sheep fattening.

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