Single-dose 500-mg clotrimazole vaginal tablets compared with placebo in the treatment of Candida vaginitis

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Author: Flemming Bro
Date: Aug. 1990
From: Journal of Family Practice(Vol. 31, Issue 2)
Publisher: Jobson Medical Information LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 2,646 words

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Candida vaginitis, an infection of the vagina with the yeast Candida, is characterized by inflammation of the vagina, vaginal discharge, and excessive itching. Boric acid, nystatin, natamycin, and various imidazole-containing drugs have been shown to be effective in treating Candida vaginitis. Imidazole-containing drugs are the first choice of treatment for this infection and are commonly used over a three-day period in vaginal tablet form. Treatment of 55 general practice patients with Candida vaginitis was evaluated. Studies examining the effectiveness of imidazole derivatives have usually involved women from hospital or venereal disease clinics, who may differ from women seen in general practice. The effectiveness of a single 500 milligram dose of clotrimazole, an imidazole derivative, in vaginal tablet form, was assessed. Another 40 women were given a placebo, a substance with no therapeutic effect. Seven to 10 days after treatment, follow-up examination showed that the infection persisted in 21 patients treated with clotrimazole and in 30 patients given a placebo. Symptoms of the infections resolved partially or completely in 38 patients treated with clotrimazole and in 22 patients given a placebo. Questionnaires were sent to 95 patients after the follow-up visit, and were completed by 62 patients. Fifty percent of patients receiving either clotrimazole or placebo reported recurrence of vaginal symptoms. These findings suggest that further studies are needed to develop an effective treatment for Candida vaginitis as seen in general practice. (Consumer Summary produced by Reliance Medical Information, Inc.)

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