The Evolution of a Therapist: Louis Cozolino's Companion Guides for the Journey of Becoming a Therapist and Building a Satisfying Career.

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Date: Spring 2021
Publisher: European Association for Body Psychotherapy
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The Evolution of a Therapist

Louis Cozolino's Companion Guides for the Journey of Becoming a Therapist and Building a Satisfying Career

by Louis Cozolino

W. W. Norton, 2021

The Making of a Therapist

Louis Cozolino



140 * 211 mm * 240 pages

Norton 2021

The Development of a Therapist

Louis Cozolino


ISBN 9780393713954

140 * 211 mm * 240 pages

Norton 2021

Both books, published by Norton in their Interpersonal Neurobiology Series, abide by the goal of the series to "advance our understanding of human experience by finding the unity of knowledge, or consilience, that emerges with the translation of findings from numerous domains of study into a common language and conceptual framework. The series integrates the best of modern science with the healing art of psychotherapy."

Louis Cozolino, the series editor, is a writer, teacher, and psychologist practicing in Los Angeles. A professor at Pepperdine University since 1986, he lectures worldwide on psychotherapy, neuroscience, trauma, and attachment (1).

Cozolino's primary focus is on connection, attunement, and interaction. Working principally from a psychodynamic model, he employs strategies and techniques from other modalities, including CB?, family systems, and a humanistic/existential approach.

These books ask essential questions;

* Do you believe therapists should give priority to their rational, trained, professional voice? Should their inner self, body sensations, feelings, thoughts, and doubts--regardless of whether they whisper or shout--remain in the passenger seat?

* If you are a teacher or supervisor, what might you say to new and future therapists?

* What is the most precious advice you could offer?

* What are the key elements that transform a student from a good to an excellent therapist?

* If you are a new therapist, what are the dominant anxieties, fears, and issues you will need to come to terms with?

Cozolino's companion books offer refreshing answers to these and many other questions. The Making of a Therapist is a gentle guide for beginning therapists, describing the journey from its first steps all the way to a fully established practice. The Development of a Therapist copes with the everyday personal and professional challenges therapists encounter.

The answers Cozolino provides are based on a vital axiom; therapists are human beings with their own demons (The Development of a Therapist, p. 146) who have "to learn to learn" (p. 157), and merge opposing worlds by developing the "... ability to be simultaneously thoughtful and emotional, to mix the poetry of human connection with a scientific mind, is the essence of a good psychotherapist" (The Making of a Therapist, p. 2).

In both books, the presentation is flowing, comprehensive, and simple--though far from simplistic. Each page is packed with useful information and fresh perspectives about the core and...

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