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Author: Lee Nichols
Date: July 2019
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Co.
Document Type: Article
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1 Peter Vanacker, President and CEO, Neste, opened IRPC EurAsia in Helsinki. His presentation focused on energy transformation through renewables and sustainability.

2 The Sandvik team poses for a quick picture during the many networking sessions at IRPC EurAsia. From left to right: Inger Westerbaan, Dr. Jonas Howing and Barinder Ghai.

3 Agnete Bugge, Haldor Topsoe, provided one of the two mini-tech sessions at IRPC EurAsia. Her presentation focused on the production of renewable jet fuel and diesel.

4 IRPC EurAsia opened to a packed crowd. The technical event, hosted by Neste and NAPCON, was held in early June in Helsinki, Finland.

5 Senior Vice President of BU Hydrocarbons and Energy for Boreali Polymers Oy, Thomas Van De Velde, opened Day 2 of IRPC EurAsia. His presentation focused on...

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