The last gasp for democracy? Cultural studies and technoscience in the end times

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Author: John A. Weaver
Date: Spring 2005
From: Journal of Curriculum Theorizing(Vol. 21, Issue 1)
Publisher: Caddo Gap Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 664 words

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The latest election cycle is over. No more incessant smear campaigns, no more macho discussions over who should be proud of their purple hearts and who is fit for command. Now we are only left with serious questions. Can our democracy survive when the corporate-crats control every facet of the government? Can we survive when fear is the driving force behind the motives of leaders? Can we survive in a culture where the fear of the other and the unknown spreads as fast as a bio-chemical attack might? Has our democracy become infected with a virus that has grown out of control, only to culminate in some tragic event such as the rise of fascism in America?

Karen Anijar, Sarah Brem, Jenefer Husman, and Josh Anijar offer a salient perspective on our times. Utilizing creative dialogues and computer generated images, they demonstrate that cultural studies can offer an important response to the politics of technoscience. The images they have chosen to accompany their dialogue are most...

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