The greening of the downstream industry: A carbon investment case for clean refining

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Author: Mark Fonda
Date: July 2019
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Co.
Document Type: Interview
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Hydrocarbon Processing was pleased to speak recently with Mark Fonda, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Meridian Energy Group, which is building two grassroots refineries in the US. The company has announced that these facilities will be among the greenest-operating refineries in the world.

The following Q&A provides an update on the group's refinery plans, the reason for building the facilities in prolific US shale plays and the technologies the company is utilizing to mitigate emissions and operate as the greenest refineries in the world.

HP: First, tell us about Meridian Energy Group and the two refining projects being built in the Bakken and Permian shale basins.

Fonda: Meridian Energy Group Inc. was formed by a group of North Dakota residents who wanted to create job opportunities in their home state. The company is now building the Davis refinery in North Dakota and plans to build similar facilities in other shale basins throughout the US.

The Davis refinery (Davis) is a 49,500-bpd, full-conversion crude refinery in Billings County, North Dakota--the heart of the Bakken shale basin. Davis will be the:

* First full-conversion, grassroots refinery in the US in more than 40 yr

* Cleanest refinery ever built anywhere in the world, producing the cleanest fuels in the US

* First major refinery built by a development-stage firm

* Model for similar refineries in other shale basins.

Davis has the distinct advantage of being a greenfield, innovative, advanced technology project that will be the most efficient, smartest, ultramodern refinery ever built. It utilizes a distributed business model, and is self-funded and completely independent in its design and operation.

The proven Davis refinery model will serve as Meridian's winning formula in future shale basin projects. The latest Meridian initiative in the Permian Basin (the Walton Station refinery) will incorporate all technological advancements and challenge the current emissions levels within the industry, while maintaining an even larger output...

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