AIIP Goes From A to V.

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Author: Marydee Ojala
Date: June 2021
From: Information Today(Vol. 38, Issue 5)
Publisher: Information Today, Inc.
Document Type: Conference news
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The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) held its annual conference virtually April 14-16, 2021, having skipped last year's due to the pandemic. AIIP is a unique professional association representing independent business owners who provide information-related services. Member businesses span a number of different services, with five main areas of focus: research, marketing and communications, information management and technology, training and consulting, and writing and editing.

The Remo platform worked well for AIIP's conference, allowing for verbal conversations around groupings represented as tables as well as chat boxes for typing. Moving between the virtual room with the tables and Zoom presentations was sometimes a bit jarring, but it was mainly an easy transition. Topics this year almost spanned the alphabet. They went from A to V, starting with adversity and ending up with voice.


Micki Vandeloo (president of Lakeview Consulting) talked about overcoming adversity using the AACT method (see the sidebar). She began her keynote speech with an anecdote about her first encounter with adversity: She lost her job at an early stage of her career. To turn adversity into action, Vandeloo said that the first step is to accept the adversity, then assess the adversity. Next, connect with resources. That step, she said with a laugh, seems obvious to information professionals. Finally, be thankful for the adversity: You've learned something, you've become more resilient, and you've gained a new perspective. For her, she took the job loss as an opportunity to start a very successful consulting business. Her parting comment was, "Every adversity is an opportunity for growth."

Her job loss...

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