Roller blinds characterization assessing discomfort glare, view outside and useful daylight illuminance with the sun in the field of view.

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From: Solar Energy(Vol. 213)
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Keywords Windows shades; Roller blind; Fabrics; Glare; Daylight availability; View outside Highlights * A visual comfort-based shading fabrics characterization procedure is proposed. * Two different scoring systems for roller blind selection are proposed. * Glare, daylight availability, view outside defined the visual comfort score. Abstract This research presents an experiment where the relationship between view outside (VO), daylight availability (DA) and glare protection (GP) of nine shading fabrics were evaluated. This kind of shading device is placed on the market (Argentina) without a proper characterization of their lighting performance, leading to an inadequate application. Glare was evaluated through DGP model, by means of HDRI technique, calibrated through externally measured luminance and validating with vertical illuminance. Vision outside was evaluated through the View Clarity Index (VCI) and daylight availability was assessed through Useful Daylight llluminance (UDI) dynamic daylight metric. Finally, two roller blind selection procedure were proposed. The first one considering each parameter independently (GP, VO and DA) and the second criteria, weighing the scores through a ternary plot. Author Affiliation: (a) INAHE Institute of Environment, Habitat and Energy, CCT-Conicet, Av. Ruiz Leal, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina * Corresponding author. Article History: Received 15 April 2020; Revised 20 October 2020; Accepted 12 November 2020 Byline: Julieta Yamín Garretón [] (a,*), Ayelén María Villalba [] (a), Roberto Germán Rodriguez [] (a), Andrea Pattini [] (a)

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