National expenditures, jobs, and economic growth associated with indoor air quality in the United States

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Date: May 2014
From: Journal of Environmental Health(Vol. 76, Issue 9)
Publisher: National Environmental Health Association
Document Type: Author abstract
Length: 3,913 words
Lexile Measure: 1510L

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While a number of studies have addressed the economic cost associated with adverse health and productivity effects of poor indoor air quality (IAQ), few have addressed the value of economic expenditures and job creation associated with this industry. This article estimates that the annual sale of IAQ products and services is valued at $18$30 billion and is associated with approximately 150,000-250,000 current jobs. Compared with other familiar industries, the IAQ market remains relatively small. Given the close association between good IAQ and both job performance of adults and learning performance of children, however, the expenditure to maintain good IAQ in commercial and educational facilities is a useful complement to programs designed to improve education and economic growth.

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