Vulnerability and Resistance in Carmen Aguirre's Mexican Hooker #1

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Author: Cinta Mesa
Date: Mar. 2019
Publisher: Purdue University Press
Document Type: Critical essay
Length: 6,551 words
Lexile Measure: 1380L

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In her article, "Vulnerability and Resistance in Carmen Aguirre's Mexican Hooker#1," Cinta Mesa examines Chilean-Canadian playwright and actress Carmen Aguirre's latest autobiographical novel, Mexican Hooker#1, to analyze Latina vulnerability in relation to exile, emigration, gender violence and stereotypes. The article relies upon Judith Butler's definition of vulnerability (20), which is excluded from official texts. The consequences of these types of trauma, which are written on female bodies, are expressed through post-traumatic stress disorder. The author expresses the difficulty of acting because of her post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and the challenges she meets on her way to heal herself and her community. As Aguirre's body becomes the repository of many kinds of violence, acting means resilience for the actress.

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