Europe's IP system trails behind the US

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Date: June 2010
From: Pharmaceutical Technology Europe(Vol. 22, Issue 6)
Publisher: Intellisphere, LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 584 words
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The US is a better environment for drug innovation than Europe thanks to its intellectual property (IP) system, which is considered by many in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to be more suited to the industry's needs. The findings come from international intellectual property group Marks a Clerk, which conducted a survey of 381 executives across the pharma and biotech sectors to assess opinions of the European and US regulatory and IP systems.

"Our respondents straightforwardly state that the US IP system has better managed to adapt to industry needs," Paul Chapman, a Partner at Marks & Clerk, explained in a press statement. "Not only does the US provide greater scope for patent extensions--an issue of increasing importance to the industry--but further reform is soon to be enacted that will improve patent quality and limit damages."

The faith in the US system also extended to President...

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